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Risk tolerance choices

Risk Tolerance
Your Risk Tolerance is a function of your investment time horizon and appetite for risk. If you are not comfortable selecting a Risk Tolerance using the descriptions below, ask your Financial Professional to help you complete a separate Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

The Conservative investor is generally very sensitive to short term losses. The Conservative investor’s aversion to short-term losses could compel him or her to sell their investment and hold a zero risk investment if losses occur. The Conservative investor would accept lower long-term returns in exchange for smaller and less frequent changes in portfolio value.

The Conservative-Plus investor is generally sensitive to short-term losses. The Conservative-Plus investor’s aversion to losses could compel him or her to shift into a more stable investment if significant short-term losses occur. The Conservative-Plus investor is usually willing to accept somewhat lower returns in order to assure greater safety of his or her investment.

The Moderate investor is somewhat concerned with short-term losses and may shift to a more stable option in the event of significant losses. The safety of investment and return are typically of equal importance to the Moderate investor.

The Moderate-Plus investor is generally willing to accept high risk and chance of loss in order to achieve higher returns on his or her investment. Significant losses over an extended period may prompt the Moderate-Plus investor to shift to a less risky investment.

The Aggressive investor generally aims to maximize long-term expected returns rather than to minimize possible short-term losses. An Aggressive investor values high returns and can tolerate both large and frequent fluctuations in portfolio value in exchange for a higher return over the long run.